Hawaii Unveils Better Place Battery Swap Stations

Posted on Dec 3 2008 - 5:12pm by Gadget King

Hawaii Better Place

Hawaii’s Governor Linda Lingle announced a partnership with Better Place to install electric car battery swapping stations across Hawaii.

Better Place stations, similar in concept to gas stations, offer drivers with electric vehicles an automated system that swaps out exhausted lithium ion car batteries for fully-charged ones. The swapping system is intended to be convenient for both drivers and local electric companies, since Better Place can recharge the exhausted batteries with excess electricity generated from renewable sources during off-peak electricity hours.

Currently Hawaii and California are the only US states that have signed on to this great idea.  Can’t wait until 90% of gas cars are a thing of the past.  The map below shows the where the approximately 20 Hawaii electric car stations will be located.

Better Place Hawaii Map 

[Source] via Mumblemouth

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