RITI Printer Uses Old Coffee Grounds As Printing Ink

Posted on Feb 2 2009 - 1:49pm by Gadget King

Coffee Ground Printer

Fortunately, I don’t use my printer nearly as much as I used to—but that doesn’t mean I enjoy paying ridiculous prices for ink. Imagine if you could replace that pricey ink with old coffee grounds?

If the RITI coffee printer existed as a real-world product, you could do just that. The design calls for spent grounds to be poured into a cartridge and for the printing mechanism to be manually moved back and forth to create an image. I think the whole "manual labor" thing takes the eco-friendly concept a bit too far, but if old coffee could actually be used for ink I would be all for it. It would also infuse a delightful scent into your resume that would give you the edge on any job application. Plus you could lick your documents if you were ever really jonesing.


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