HyperChiller Cools Hot Coffee In 60-Seconds

Posted on Feb 4 2016 - 11:07am by gchoe


Some people like hot coffee and some like theirs ice-cold. Such is life. If you are in the cold coffee camp and don’t like diluting your coffee with melting ice cubes check out the Hyperchiller ($29). The Hyperchiller can turn hot coffee in to perfect iced coffee in about one minute. The coffee is flash chilled without touching ice so it doesn’t get diluted while cooling.

1) Brew fresh hot coffee directly into the HyperChiller with your compatible single serve machine, or pour it into recessed section of the lid from a carafe.
2) After the coffee is in the HyperChiller, gently swirl it every few seconds to keep the coffee moving. An 8 oz. brew will achieve great results in one minute after brewing stops. In that one minute, the coffee will have cooled by up to 130+ degrees.
3) Pour over ice and enjoy! For larger brews, or if you want to enjoy yours without ice, let the coffee chill for an additional 30 or 60 seconds respectively.

It also serves double duty for cooling whiskey, wine, tea, etc…

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