Afraid Of The Dark?

Posted on Feb 23 2009 - 11:41am by V Ramos


Second only to a dog, I believe a flashlight is any boy’s (some girls too) next best friend. Flashlights are like security blankets, especially when kids (and a lot of adults) are afraid of the dark, imagining cucuys (monsters) or mumos (ghosts) grabbing their little, bitty legs. And they are pretty handy when you’re babysitting, hand a flashlight to a 5-year old and in no time you’ll have in front of you a very content kid pretending to be Iron Man (this can go on for hours giving you enough time to jimmy the liquor cabinet).

I have all kinds of flashlights at home – big bulky ones, skinny ones, heavy duty ones and the ones I use when I spelunk. They are made with different materials – plastic, rubber, metal, metal/plastic/rubber all in one. Guess what they all have in common? They all have dead or dying batteries inside. I just don’t think of replacing batteries – EVER. I’m cheap. I think batteries are overpriced (D batteries, forget it!).So the hunt for a new flashlight was on. I wanted something small enough to carry, bright enough that it can light up my pitch black bedroom and has rechargeable batteries built in. And that’s when I came across the 12V Spotlight (in Gremlin Green from for only $19.95 each). It meets all of my requirements and then some.

Read on for the neat features and pictures:


· High power 0.5 watt LED provides 25+ lumens of output

· 6061 aircraft aluminum body

· Rechargeable Ni-MH battery

· Red glow ‘charging’ indicator

· 2” (50mm) and 1.8 oz (45 grams)

· 180+ minutes per charge

  • Fits most 12 volt automotive style power outlets
  • Comes in 10 vibrant colors:

– Racecar Red

– Hazard County Orange

– Taxi Yellow

– Gremlin Green

– Mule Blue

– Pink Caddy

– Pimp Purple

– Phantom Silver

– Time Machine Titanium

– Jet Black

Keep it plugged-in in your car or throw one in your glove box, your girlfriend’s bag, your boyfriend’s man-purse, your cool uncle’s fanny pack, your gun case, your medicine cabinet, that secret pocket in your jeans. Pretty much anywhere you can think of. So "Get Lit" and get yourself a Spotlight – a super-bright, super-portable, rechargeable and fun little flashlight.

spotlight_accessoriesspotlight_adapter spotlight_bright

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  1. rtk February 23, 2009 at 11:44 am -

    I like the size and brightness – anyone know how long the battery lasts?

  2. Terra Hillyer February 23, 2009 at 5:57 pm -

    I have one of these and it just sits in my car ready to go. It puts out tons of light for its size and runs well over 2 hours at full brightness. If you are questioning what the service length of the battery is, I’m not sure although it uses NiMH which is very robust and the amount of current going through it when it is charging is so small that I assume the battery will last for many years without any issue.

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