Twisted Toys Road Kill

Posted on Feb 27 2009 - 2:32pm by Gadget King

I have a hard time toy shopping for my kids. After a while you realize that its all the same politically correct, made in China from toxic waste, boring shit. Well, get ready to blow your kids minds with these creations of the self-proclaimed Toy Terrorists from UK. I guarantee you that your wife WILL deny you sex after you present your tykes with one of these Squash-Plush creations. These are high quality kid friendly road-kill replicas built with compliance with the British Standard Specifications. You can choose from Twitch the Raccoon, Grind the Bunny or Splodge the Hedgehog. The twisted wanks at are not resting on their laurels – coming soon – Pop the Weasel and Fender the Fox. They even have a killer commercial video on youtube that explains the toy “creation process”. Enjoy!

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