RoboCup Golf Ball Return Works On Real Putting Greens

Posted on Apr 20 2009 - 9:43am by Gadget King

RoboCup Golf Ball Return

“You can only improve your game so much by putting into a coffee cup or one of those fancy ball return machines in your office. So the RoboCup is designed to fit inside the hole on an actual putting green, allowing you to practice on the real thing all day long, without ever having to walk over and retrieve your balls. On a set of 4xAA batteries the RoboCup will return over 15,000 putts up to a distance of 14 feet, though that varies depending on the green speed, and there’s even a Caddy Cord accessory for directing missed putts into the hole.

RoboCup will be available (come late April) for $49.95 from the FineTuneGolf website, and the Caddy Cord accessory (aka a piece of heavy rope) is an extra $14.95.”


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