Golf Mobile Boomerang

Posted on Nov 9 2010 - 8:58am by Robby S.

Golf Mobile Boomerang

The Golf Mobile Boomerang is a bit like the batting trainers that use a string/rope tied on to the baseball so you can keep practicing over-and-over-and-over without needing a bucket of balls.

With that said the Golf Mobile Boomerang is sooo much more, ($1,242) as if the price doesn't tell you that.  This high tech golf gadget has a golf ball attached via a thin filament and will let the ball go as far as you can hit it, then it rewinds it back in for you.

"After you hit the drive, you see the real direction the ball takes and how high the ball travels into the air. The distance and speed is displayed on the GMB screen. The devise provides you with a distinct advantage by precisely measuring the carry distance "“ a measurement you would be hard pressed to get at a real driving range. In addition, all you need is a single golf ball.

You can set up the GMB for all types of golf clubs and the device will always assess the real carry distance. You can also set how fast the ball should be rewound or how strongly it should be slowed. The device is equipped with a club calibration function that measures, assesses and averages each drive."

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  1. Becca November 14, 2010 at 1:43 pm -

    Too bad its so unaffordable!

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