Microsoft Windows Live OneCare Customers Get The SHAFT!

Posted on Jul 27 2009 - 4:17am by L.

Steve Ballmer

A friend of mine bought a pretty fresh SONY laptop (Vista 64bit OS), and without consulting with me, purchased Microsoft’s Windows Live OneCare antivirus, backup, firewall, spyware removal “software solution”.   Read on for the details of why you want to avoid using Microsoft OneCare!

After collecting her money this POS installed itself and proceeded to kick out an error message to the effect that Windows Live OneCare is on but is reporting its status to windows security center in a format that is no longer supported! You see, unknown to my friend, Microsoft has already discontinued this robust POS and moved on stranding people who paid them money. After digging through the filth that are MS “support” forums we came across many customers who ended up in the same boat, and all they got was “we sorry”. It would have been damn helpful if at the time of her order that goddamn annoying Paper-Clip Assistant popped up with a helpful message like “I notice you are about to get screwed out of your money, because you are about to buy a dead end discontinued product, would you like to cancel now or bang your head on the keyboard AFTER purchasing this POS?”. One helpful person mentioned that there is going to be a Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus product available for free, but no ETA was given and at this time it appears to be in a closed Beta here with a helpful statement “Not available in your country or region”. You know, it wasn’t my money that was spent, but if it was I would be pissed… I am talking “Sweaty-Rage Chair Throwing Monkey-Boy Ballmer” style, pissed! Guess it’s time to install ESET or AVG.

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  1. tripto July 28, 2009 at 6:50 pm -

    Avoid like the plague this software is poop. Sad when Microsoft doesn’t play well with Microsoft. WTF

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