Duck Hunter Game With Infrared Gun

Posted on Aug 17 2009 - 7:45am by V Ramos

Duck Hunter Game

A real life version of the Duck Hunt video game is the Duck Hunter game.  The duck is charged in about 10 seconds from the gun and then flies for 30-seconds… or until you shoot the duck with your infrared pistol.

  • Just charge, toss, and take aim!
  • Bring the duck hunt indoors!
  • Shooter fires a safe infrared beam
  • 3 hits will bring the duck down!
  • Includes flying duck and infrared shooter

Just place the duck on the “Pop Up” charger for 10 seconds, remove, flip the duck’s “on” switch…toss…and take aim! The shooter fires a safe infrared beam, and incorporates realistic loading and shooting sound effects. The Duck has actual flapping wings, and a stabilizing tail. Flight direction can be easily adjusted for straight or circular flight patterns. Your first two hits will stop the wings for 1 second, decreasing altitude slightly…and the third hit brings it down! Happy Hunting!

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