Ever Heard Of An ATC?

Posted on Oct 7 2009 - 3:50pm by Robby S.

ATC All Terrain Cooler

If you have ever dragged a loaded cooler a long distance you know how heavy (and difficult) it can be.  Don’t bother getting a cooler with small and dinky plastic wheels… step up to the Igloo ATC All Terrain Cooler.  Not only is the cooler big (100 QT) it will keep your ice from fully melting for 5 days.  Not too shabby for under $100.

  • 100-qt capacity
  • Ultratherm® insulation (body and lid) keeps contents cold
  • 5-day extended ice retention performance
  • Durable all-terrain tires (Take it anywhere)
  • Lid supports up to 300-lb (Fat Uncle Bob can sit on it)

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