iPhone App Reports Bad Phone Reception To AT&T

Posted on Dec 9 2009 - 7:41am by Russ

AT&T iPhone App

I have to say the toughest part about getting the iPhone (which I love by the way) was leaving Verizon which has much better coverage (in my opinion).  I really didn't want to leave Verizon, but their phone choices sucked at the time, and mainly, they didn't have the iPhone.  Read on for details about this AT&T iPhone app that lets you report network quality issues directly to AT&T.

As much as I love my iPhone, I have mixed emotions about AT&T's spotty coverage.  Sometimes the reception/coverage is good, sometimes it makes me want to spike my phone, kinda like a football player spikes the football after a righteous touchdown.

With that said, "there's an App for that".  The app (pictured above) allows you to let AT&T know when their service sucks is less than stellar.  The AT&T iPhone dropped call application lets you tell AT&T the following bits;

  • Dropped Call
  • Failed Call
  • No Coverage
  • Data Failure
  • Poor Voice Quality
  • And the frequency (Once, Seldom, Often, Always)

The app is half useful, and have sad.  I hope it helps AT&T truly identify, and fix, issues with their network, after all I spend over $100 per month to be connected.

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