Ubuntu Is Ready For Primetime With Its Own Malware

Posted on Dec 9 2009 - 5:31pm by L.

Ubuntu Linux Malware Virus

It brings a tear to my eye that after so many years of dragging behind, Linux has finally hit a major milestone and got some real malware!  I hope Microsoft is shaking in their boots!  People actually bothering to write malware for Ubuntu is a clear indication of Linux's massive penetration into the mainstream!  The culprit masqueraded as an innocent waterfall screensaver and was briefly available as a downloadable freeware on gnome-look.org website.  The .deb file installed a script that elevated the privileges to perform a DDoS attack and keep itself open for future updates.  There is however a very anticlimactic fix that simply involves a single command entry – sudo rm -f /usr/bin/Auto.bash /usr/bin/run.bash /etc/profile.d/gnome.sh index.php run.bash && sudo dpkg -r app5552.  What, no antivirus software needed?!  Step up you pussies and code me a real Linux virus!

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