Howcast Video On How To Use Boxee IPTV Set Top Box

Posted on Jan 7 2010 - 1:48pm by Craig

Boxee has made a name for itself by simplifying the process of consolidating entertainment content for the PC.  The product is great, but not everyone wants to watch TV on their computer, or have a computer tethered to a TV in the living room.  Looks like Boxee has addressed the issue with the launch of their new IPTV set top box powered by the Nvidia Tegra 2.

The best part about Boxee's approach is rather than using the traditional content provider model, Boxee acts as a portal to content providers.  This is good because you get just about everything the web has to offer = lots of content.

"Rather than using a Home Theater PC (which you can do with the Boxee software) the Boxee Box makes the Boxee experience accessible to the average consumer who doesn't want a full fledged PC, or the support headaches that come with it, next to their TV."

Boxee is great, but not everyone just "gets it" the first time, kinda like TiVo years ago.  Watch the Howcast video above for an explanation of how to get started with Boxee.

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