Pee Without Noise Stool?

Posted on Jan 12 2010 - 8:55am by Gadget King

Pee without noise stool

Apparently this Pee Without Standing Stool is real and comes from Japan (duh).  The stool fixes what must be a serious problem in Japan, the sound of a man peeing.  So, instead of the dude sitting down to pee (which I didn't know was so loud and messy), they have him kneeling on a pee stool.  WTF, seriously?  Yours for about $76 for the eco model which is made of wood, and $98 for a DX model made of poly.

I love the tee pot and bowl study conducted, very scientific.


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  1. Shades January 13, 2010 at 6:14 pm -

    did that make anyone else aroused? (i’m probably just one f$%^&d up person)

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