One Person Electric Airplane Is For Real

Posted on Jan 20 2010 - 8:46am by Gadget King

Puffin One Person Airplane

"Is it possible for a one-person electric plane to take off vertically and fly 300 mph? NASA says yes, and shows us how it’s done with Puffin, a single-passenger aircraft that’s 10 times quieter than the most hushed helicopters. The design, accomplishing the same goal as a jetpack with a cockpit, could be the closest man has ever come to flying like a bird.

Using today’s technology, Puffin can cruise for 50 miles, but aerospace engineers at NASA say that range could triple by 2017. Take a look at the video, where the craft gracefully lifts off, cruises with its pilot in a prone position similar to a hang glider, and then slowly backs into a soft landing.

If this isn’t a bunch of hooey, call us amazed. Let’s wait until we see it flying before we get too excited."


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  1. flyingpumpkin February 13, 2010 at 2:25 pm -

    This looks like a NASA suicide machine. Are you sure this isn’t made by Jack Kervorkian?
    I’d like to see what happens when you run out of electric charge. There is nothing as simple as an airplane that turns into a helicopter rapidly running out of power…

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