Save The Environment One Shower At A Time

Posted on Jan 28 2010 - 9:59am by Russ

shower timer

All of the little things we do for the environment, good or bad, add up and make a difference.  With that said, recycle, turn off lights you aren't using, walk when you don't have to drive, take shorter showers, etc,

For now, I am just going to focus on the showers since it is a peeve of mine.  My wonderful wife tends to take 20 minute showers and it drives me a tad crazy.  All of that water going down the drain, wasted.  I have tried nagging, the shower length does not change.  I think I may have a solution,

I think I am going to get a shower timer like the digital duck timer that suction cups to the shower wall and counts down a time set by the user.  I will start off with 10 minutes and subtract one minute every two months until I can get her down to a reasonable 5 minute shower.

Or you can opt for the less techy approach (which I think is pretty cool) that uses the old sand timer on a suction cup for the shower wall.

5 minute shower timer

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