Michelin Smart Jumper Cables

Posted on Mar 23 2010 - 7:40am by Russ


Before I start making fun of my friends who can't figure out how to jump start a car and end up arc welding, I thought of my poor mom, she can't jump start a car either.  OK, I guess this product is a good idea after all.

The Michelin Smart Jumper Cables cost only $35 and make it next to impossible to screw things up.

  • Green Indicator Lights Confirm Correct Connection
  • No Sparking Or Shorting When Clamps Are Attached, Polarity Is Adjusted Automatically
  • Built-in surge protector prevents damage to vehicle’s computer and electronics
  • Cables constructed using heavy 8-gauge copper clad aluminum to ensure superior and reliable performance
  • Insulated clamps for maximum cranking power

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