The Next Generation Of Car Tires? Michelin Tweel

Posted on Jun 2 2011 - 10:34am by Lisa C.

Michelin Tweel

The good old fashioned vehicle tire hasn't changed much for many years.  We have been rolling along on cushions of air wrapped in rubber for over 100 years.  Sure we have added lower profile tires, different compounds, etc, but the form/function is the same.  It looks like a new tire might make it to market soon, the Michelin Tweel.  The Tweel uses flexible spokes and requires no air.  The spokes absorb road impacts the same way air pressure does with pneumatic tires. Imagine this future, no more flat tires, air valves, tire pressure checks, etc,  More pictures and video of the Michelin Tweel after the break.


Airless Tire Michelin Tweel Rubber Spoke Michelin Tire

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