Turn Almost Any Fruit Juice Into An Alcohol Beverage

Posted on May 12 2010 - 7:26am by gchoe


For about $10 you can get a kit which comes with everything you need to turn 64oz's of fruit juice into an alcoholic drink.  The process uses rapidly fermenting yeast and takes about two days.  Spike Your Juice.

64 oz bottle of your favorite juice

Spike Your Juice

  • minimum sugar content of 20g/serving
  • no refrigerated juices
  • no artificially sweetened juices
  • no unfiltered juices
  • pour packet into juice
  • no stirring necessary
  • DISCARD original bottle cap
  • fill out and attach supplied Label
  • fill Airlock with water to Fill Line
  • seal bottle with Airlock and Rubber Stopper
  • store at room temperature

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