Palatov DP4 Is A Go-Kart… On Steroids

Posted on Jun 8 2010 - 9:23am by Russ


As a kid growing up I always had some form of home grown go-kart.  We loved our go-karts despite the fact that they were dangerous and only had top speeds of 35 mph.  We were constantly duck taping parts back together and tinkering with the lawn mower engine that was our motor.  Long story short, we had ghetto go-karts.

The Palatov DP4 "go-kart" (made by Dennis Palatov) is in another league from the go-karts I grew up with.  The Palatov DP4 has Hoosier tires, a motorcycle engine, a chain drive system, disk brakes, etc,  Watch this awesome go-kart destroying real cars on the Oregon Raceway Park and see the insane price tag after the break.

There are two versions of the DP4 go-kart, one starts at $25,910 and is a bit of a build-it-yourself kit and the other is ready to race with 1400cc Hayabusa motor and all-wheel-drive for $50,610.


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