Richard Solo 1800 Smart Backup Battery For iPhone/iPod

Posted on Jul 6 2010 - 8:27am by V Ramos


Richard Solo 1800 iPhone battery When it comes to my iPhone, there isn't a gadget or accessory out there that I don't want. If it adds to my iPhone's coolness factor "“ I want it! If it's something that boosts its features and functionality "“ I must have it!  I use my iPhone 3GS a lot! I gab with friends, play games, take tons of pictures, watch movies, surf the net, listen to tunes, check my emails "“ pretty much ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. It's the first thing I pick up in the morning and the last thing I put down at night. So I would say that my iPhone's battery gets a good beating.

To add more oomph to my poor iPhone, I decided to try the Richard Solo 1800 Smart Backup Battery. It's made to work with all iPhones "“ even iPhone 4 "“ and iPods (except the Shuffle). It's very easy to use "“ just charge the Richard Solo 1800 Smart Backup Battery using the included wall AC adapter or USB car charger. There are 3 LED status indicators on the unit. Solid green means the backup battery is fully charged and ready to be connected to your iPhone or iPod "“ if the green light is flashing, it means it's still charging. Solid blue LED means it's connected and charging your device. When you see the red LED flashing, it's a warning that the backup battery is at 10% capacity and will need to be recharged. A fully charged Richard Solo 1800 Smart Backup Battery provides enough power to completely charge your iPhone/iPod and still have some power on reserve.

Richard Solo 1800

The nifty USB car charger has two ports. So, for those of us who are power-hungry, we can charge both the iPhone/iPod and the backup battery unit at the same time (tandem charging, baby!). More power means more time for gabbing, playing, watching, surfing and emailing. And even after doing all that stuff and you still find yourself bored out of your mind, the Richard Solo 1800 Smart Backup Battery has two things that will keep you entertained. It has a built-in flashlight (bright enough to blind someone) and a laser pointer (loads of fun if you have cats, dogs,or toddlers "“ they'll follow that darn red beam anywhere!).

Also, the backup battery unit is small and very portable. You can keep it in your car, have it in your desk drawer, throw it in your gym bag "“ you can instantly charge your iPhone or iPod wherever you go. Richard Solo 1800 Box Contents Richard Solo 1800 Accessories

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