Make Your iPhone Act Like A GoPro

Posted on Aug 1 2012 - 7:32am by Russ

Mophie Outrider iPhone Case

Already tight on cash from buying your iPhone and don't feel like spending more for a GoPro HD Hero2 camera?  While the resolution (and other things as well) is different, the iPhone camera takes pretty good pictures and video.  But who wants to take their phone and put it in harms way when trying to film your extreme moments?

The Mophie Outride case makes it easier to protect your iPhone and strap it on to thing like your motorcycle or helmet.  The Mophie Outride is made of a tough polycarbonate case, is waterproof, and has a wide-angle lens built in to the case.  Expect to see Mophie Outride for $130 in mid-September.

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