Gelaskins Review

Posted on Aug 2 2010 - 3:31pm by Lisa C.


When it comes to protecting your iPhone, iPad, or iPad, you should check out Gelaskins.  Gelaskins are custom 3M adhesive vinyl protective skins for your favorite gadgets.  For a fair price you can wrap and protect your iPad (for example) with your choice of artwork (over 200 pre-designed options) or create your own.

The best part, besides customizing your gadget, is that you can rip them off and change them when ever the urge strikes.  The gelaskins go on super easy and come off just as quickly, all without the normal bubbles and crappy quality.  They are nice.

iPad Gelaskins

The Gelaskins for the iPad come in two pieces, a front and back.  For people who use the front sheet, GelaSkins has an iPhone OS app with matching lockscreen/homescreen wallpapers to give it a really slick, unified look.  Smart idea,

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