Lemur Monitors Releases New Line Of Driving Tools

Posted on Aug 5 2010 - 9:58am by Gadget King

Lemur Monitors

Lemur Monitors is proud to announce the immediate availability of a trio of auto monitoring solutions designed to empower consumers with additional insight into their vehicles' operation.  EconoDriver increases awareness of fuel consumption and inefficient driving while SafeDriver and AlertDriver ensure that your car is driven with caution and care.  Each product installs within minutes and requires no additional tools or computer connection.  Simply plug the sensor into your vehicle's Data Port which then wirelessly relays the pertinent info to the display on the pocket-sized key fob.

Lemur EconoDriver

  • EconoDriver "“ EconoDriver helps you drive smarter and more economically by relaying real-time fuel economy to understand how efficiently you are driving.  You can even program in the current cost of gas and it will indicate how much money you are spending as you drive and how much you are wasting while idling.

  • SafeDriver "“ SafeDriver provides peace of mind to parents that are getting ready to hand over the keys to their inexperienced teen driver Lemur SafeDriverfor the first time. From the moment your teen backs out of the driveway SafeDriver will record real-time information of your teen's driving habits including maximum speed, distance traveled, and any sudden brakes.  If the sensor is removed from the vehicle, the battery removed from the key fob, or someone tries to guess your secret PIN, the LCD will show "Tamper." Earlier this year, SafeDriver was awarded the prestigious honor of Innovations Award at CES in the category of In-Vehicle accessories.  See demo video here.

  • AlertDriver "“ AlertDriver provides a solution that will ensureLemur AlertDriver that when others operate your vehicle, they do so safely.  It sends an audible alert when the driver passes 35 MPH to encourage  safe driving within the city.  If the driver exceeds 70 MPH (or a custom selected speed), it will issue an intermittent alarm until the speed is decreased.

"Your car's data port is capable of providing an array of valuable information that most people don't take advantage of.  We are 100% dedicated to empowering consumers with this data to positively impact their driving" said Maurice Tuff, Founder and CEO at Lemur Monitors.  "EconoDriver delivers real-time awareness of how your driving habits affect your fuel consumption and ultimately your wallet.  SafeDriver allows parents to immediately review their teen's driving as soon as they return the keys.  With driving accidents being the leading cause of teen deaths, we hope this will play a vital role in keeping teens safe and giving parents peace of mind."

Lemur Monitors products are currently available here.  For more information visit www.lemurmonitors.com

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