Lemur BlueDriver Review

Posted on Feb 18 2015 - 9:06am by Pete M
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Lemur BlueDriver Review

Ever wanted to know what your check engine light was trying to tell you? Ever wanted to clear trouble codes (e.g. ABS, Airbags, Transmission, etc., on some models)? Heck, maybe your are just curious what your engine coolant temperature is when on the freeway or how your fuel trim bank #1 is doing (not even sure what that is). Long story short, I had some time to play with the Lemur BlueDriver OBD2 Sensor with iPhone app and review some of the functionality. At least in a way that I would use. it. Read on for the BlueDriver review.

Lemur BlueDriver Review

Lemur BlueDriver OBD2 Wireless

Let me start off by saying that I really like this thing. It's saved me a bunch of trouble already since I can see what the check engine light is actually telling me and decide what I want to worry about right away.
Plus, it will let me clear the codes (pictured below) so that remote start works again. Pretty cool!


Lemur BlueDriver Trouble Codes


It took all of 5 seconds to install it in my Chevrolet Avalanche since I already knew where the ODB2 (On-board diagnostic) port was. Pairing to the free Lemur BlueDriver app on my iPhone was quick and easy as well. The app is also available in the Google Play store.

The BlueDriver will give you so much data, some you will understand and some you might be a mechanic or spend a lot of time running searches on google to figure out what it all means. But for how little it will set you back ($99), you have no reason to complain about getting too much data.
Here's the beginning screen  for getting to all that data.


Lemur BlueDriver App


I selected the live option and then just checked the first page of options. There are pages and pages of diagnostics you can view. While driving I grabbed this snapshot.


Lemur BlueDriver App Live Monitoring


The Engine Load was fun. You can see that mine flattened out towards the end, that is because I put the cruise control on. Interesting to see. Engine Coolant is helpful. Especially considering the cars gauge doesn't really tell you much detail. The rest of them..? Ask your mechanic.

There is a ton of data available. You'll probably want to have someone else drive while you poke around.
Updating the firmware was dirt easy also. I did it while filling the gas tank.

Overall the Lemur BlueDriver is great. I expect I'll be messing with this thing for months to come trying to figure out everything I can see with it.

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