Panasonic Viera GT25 TV’s Do 2D-To-3D Conversion

Posted on Aug 16 2010 - 7:30am by Lisa C.

Panasonic 2d to 3d tv

Call me a skeptic, but I wonder if 3D TV's will ever really make it to mainstream adoption.  I struggle with the idea of people wearing 3D glasses to watch TV.  With that said I think 3D is awesome, just can't get past the glasses (active shutter 3D glasses in this case).  Panasonic is making good on its CES introductions with a new pair of 3D plasmas targeted at gamers, the Viera 3D GT25 range.  The Viera GT25 comes in either the 50-inch TC-P50GT25 or the 42-inch TC-P42G25. The specs are pretty standard with a  1080p panel, 24p playback, 600Hz sub-field drive.  The one big feature is the 2D-to-3D conversion.  Samsung and Sony are already doing the 2D-to-3D conversion on the fly, only time will tell if folks will pull out their wallets.  Expect to see the new GT25 Viera's by the end of the month.  ($1,699.95 and $2,099.95)

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