Jostens Customizable Yearbook Pages

Posted on Sep 2 2010 - 12:50pm by Gadget King

Jostens Personal Yearbook Pages

Jostens recently launched Personal Yearbook Pages, a new application that creates a more inclusive yearbook by giving every student the ability to create personalized pages that will appear exclusively in the student's copy of the yearbook.  Personal Yearbook Pages' online user experience lets students design four unique pages with their own photos, artwork and text. What's more, student's can invite friends to collaborate on the design of one or more pages.

Web Uploading

The Personal Yearbook Pages experience begins by simply logging on to and uploading all of your favorite pictures taken throughout the year whether it is school shots or even moments captured from your free time. Photos can even be retrieved from your personal Facebook® or Flickr® account. A total of four pages can be created and inserted after four special autograph pages at the back of the student's yearbook.

Customization and Collaboration

You can customize elements of each page, including your photos, the color and the font, and even create your own layout and background all in one domain. With the "share" feature, friends can easily login to participate in the creation of your exclusive pages. Once all pages include your favorite photos, art, quotes, etc, they are sewn into your yearbook and can then be enjoyed the moment they are delivered to your school. Because you design your own pages, you have the opportunity to add more to your yearbook to tell your personal story.

"Personal Yearbook Pages reflects the convergence of technology, innovation and tradition and allows everyone to get involved in capturing all of their important memories from throughout the year," said Julie Fitzgerald, Director Yearbook Marketing, Jostens. "This fresh, high-tech service will definitely change the way all students participate in the traditional yearbook experience."

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