Nokero Solar Light Bulb Review

Posted on Sep 6 2010 - 5:24am by Russ

Nokero Solar Light Bulb

When we first saw the Nokero Light Bulb we were intrigued as it happens to have a few of our favorite things, solar panels, LED's, and a rechargeable battery.  We recently got our hands on the Nokero Solar Light Bulb and had the chance to put it through the paces.

The good news is that there isn't really any surprises, the Nokero just works.  We hung the solar light bulb from a balcony that gets about 6 hours of good sun during the day and that was enough of a charge to give us over 2 hours of LED lighting.  If you let the bulb charge for two days you should be able to get about four hours of LED lighting.  The bulb has four small solar panels positioned on the top/side edges of the bulb.

The LED lighting is about what you would expect, bright but defused.  The bulb puts off enough light to get around in a standard sized room and would work for reading if you were directly under the bulb.  Not terribly bright but, again, about what you would expect from 5 LED's running off of a battery.

One of our favorite things about the Nokero solar light bulb is the fact it uses a rechargeable AA battery.  Seems obvious, but many manufacturers of gadgets like this tend to use an odd battery style/shape or one that isn't user replaceable.  When the AA battery wears out, simply replace it with another NiMH rechargeable AA battery.

The bulb includes a small clip for hanging where you see fit and a small on/off button.  When turned on the light will only come on when lighting is low so as not to waste energy.  So if you are in a bright room and turn the light on it may not light.

All-in-all the product works well and has uses from camping trips to helping third world countries get much needed lighting.

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  1. Lisa December 24, 2011 at 1:20 pm -

    The Nokero bulb I took home never worked! I charged and charged, hanging it in the sunny part of my yard. We got rain, and it filled with water. And this is hand carried to Haiti? Is mine the only non-working working bulb? I doubt it.

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