Inexpensive LED Bulb

Posted on Aug 12 2010 - 10:22am by Craig

A19 LED light bulb

Are LED light bulbs ready for mainstream use?  Prices have been, slowly, moving lower and the blue light spectrum has slowly been improving.  Maybe LED bulbs are ready for home and office use,

Home Depot has a 40-watt equivalent LED bulb for under $20.  This LED light bulb is the cheapest we have seen at a big box retailer.  The bulb is made by Lighting Sciences Group and is branded as EcoSmart.  While LED is still much more expensive than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs they do use less power and last longer.  The LED bulbs use about 8-watts and put out about 435-570 lumens (similar to an incandescent 40-watt bulb).  The LED lightbulbs are also expected to last for around 20 years.

I imagine LED bulbs will start to replace traditional lighting options in the next few years.

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