Franklin Roadie Portable Speaker System Review

Posted on Sep 29 2010 - 9:19am by L.

Franklin Roadie

Here we are again, less than 90 days till Christmas and I am only halfway done with Christmas shopping… OK so that’s a crock, but I am always on the lookout for those cool, unusual and fresh gift ideas for my spoiled and jaded loved ones.  Item du jour is the Roadie Portable Speaker System by Franklin.  Visually pleasing this fun and unique looking gadget is comprised of three modular parts that stack on top of each other using fool proof guiding sockets and magnets.

Part one is the (EVS-2000) base that houses the main speaker, but not just a speaker – the Roadie Speaker System turns any hard surface into a bigger speaker of sorts, substantially extending the ambient volume and overall quality of the sound being played.  When placed on a desk, for example, the bass beat is not just heard, but felt.  The base accepts standard audio input through a 3.5mm jack for all your mp3 player and other audio needs.  Additionally the base accommodates a microphone option for Voice over IP (VoIP) applications like Skype, plus the two power inputs – USB and AC adapter. Roadie Modular Speaker

Part two added to the base is an (EVS-3000) MP3 player complete with controls, SD card slot and a rechargeable battery that grants the Roadie independence from outside sources of power and audio.

The top and final, third, part (EVS-4000) of the Roadie stack, contains a high power tweeter that further enriches the listening experience complete with an Equalizer.

All in all I was pleased with the amount of functionality crammed into the Franklin Roadie – the undeniably cool way it achieves its rich ambient sound, the stand alone mp3 player, and a fully functional VoIP conference capability – all added up to a gift worthy gadget for my friends.

Franklin Roadie Packaging Franklin Roadie Contents

The full system with all three modules should go on sale this Friday for $99.99 as a bundle, while the EVS-2000 and EVS-3000 can be picked up by themselves for $49.99 / $79.99, respectively.

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