World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter?

Posted on Oct 14 2010 - 9:47am by gchoe

Fastest Mobility Scooter

Whenever I see a senior citizen cruising around in their mobility scooter I feel a bit sad.  They struggle to go over 5-mph, not because of lack of tech, but because the manufacturers are most likely scared of getting sued.  If I was in the final quarter of my life, I would opt for the fastest damn mobility scooter on the market.

Apparently Colin Furze, a British fellow, agrees with me and has managed to stuff a 125cc motorcycle engine in to a standard mobility scooter, giving it a top speed of 69-mph.  If you look at the picture… you may notice speed, some smoke, the driver shirt flying in the air… all I see is a big smile.

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