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Posted on Jun 8 2018 - 10:03am by Russ

Bolt Mobility AppScooter Side

As much as I love riding motorcycles, I also enjoy hopping on a scooter from time-to-time. There is something about the simplicity of scooters – no gears, easy braking, and the uncomplicated dash.

What could make a scooter better? Electricity of course. This modern take on the Vespa styling is from Bolt Mobility and is known as the AppScooter. Strange name.

The all-electric AppScooter has an impressive range of 248 miles. The dash is a giant 7″ LCD touchscreen that integrates with an iPhone or Android phone. This screen offers turn-by-turn GPS navigation, phone calls, music selection, and more. There are screen control buttons built-in to the handlebars as well for when you want to keep your hands on the grips. Additionally there are two built-in cameras for recording and sharing your rides.

One of my favorite features is the cavernous storage compartment under the seat. This storage are is 65L (2.3 cubic feet), which translates to a case of 24 beers.

There will be different motor options from 2kW up to 7kW. To put that in perspective, the largest Tesla Model S battery is 100kW. While you won’t win any races the AppScooter is pretty quick, getting to 28 mph in 3.3 seconds. The sad part, the scooter is caped at 28 mph due to moped class vehicle restrictions.

Get ready for pre-orders this July with a price tag starting at $3,520.

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