Homemade Computer With 70 Terabytes Of Storage

Posted on Oct 21 2010 - 9:32am by L.

Homemade Computer 70 Terabytes

I realize that Russia has some pretty rough winters and downloading, storing, and watching movies would help to pass the time.  Apparently this Russian fellow needs more storage than most, and built himself a homemade computer with 70 Terabytes of storage.  The computer has 60 hard drives and 40 fans to keep things from getting too hot.  He may not even need to turn on his house heater when this thing is running.  More pictures of this crazy computer after the break.

70 Terabyte Homeade Computer Wooden Homeade Computer image image Russian Homemade Computer 70 Terabyte Homeade Computer 70 Terabyte Russian Computer Custom 70 Terabyte Computer

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