Monster Beatbox Review

Posted on Nov 30 2010 - 10:38am by Gadget King

Monster Beatbox Review

The Monster Beatbox does a good job of putting out loud sound and filling a decent size room with music, from a fairly compact form factor.  For about $400 you get a very loud boombox style iPod/iPhone dock.  The top sports a convenient handle which is good because the Monster Beatbox weighs a full 13 pounds.

The Dr Dre inspired Monster Beatbox doesn't run on batteries and needs to be plugged into the wall for this loud sound.  Why do I keep mentioning the "loud" sound, because that is what you get.  On the negative side you get loud bass that will rattle everything in the area.  I guess that is from Dre.  The sound is decent but not refined, perfect for a backyard or garage style ghetto party, but don't expect amazing sound separation.

"No, the unit isn’t ruggedized per se, but it appears well built and has an attractive minimalist–yet muscular–styling to it. The dock is on the top left of the box not far from a power button, and the volume knob has been placed in the top right corner of the unit. In terms of buttons, that’s it, though there is an auxiliary input for connecting other audio devices, and there’s a special port for an optional wireless dongle known as the Monster Streamcast Wireless System. Unfortunately, Monster hasn’t specified the price, availability date, or features of that supposedly forthcoming add-on. We wish the Bluetooth was integrated into the unit, but so it goes.

As we said, this is all about the big sound, and we found that listening to the Beatbox at close range (4 feet or so) wasn’t the best spot for listening. Because the sound is pretty aggressive, you’re better off standing back a bit and listening from longer range. That’s usually not the case with these iPod stereo systems, where the speakers are right next to each and there’s very little in the way of stereo separation. But in this case, Monster has some digital trickery working to widen the soundstage (it works well enough, though not great) and the optimal listening range is probably more in the 10- to 15-foot range, rather than less than 5 feet."


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