Scosche BoomBottle H20 Review

Posted on Mar 25 2015 - 10:27am by Russ
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Scosche BoomBottle H20 Sail

I have been on the hunt for a solid waterproof Bluetooth speaker for over a year now. This long search isn’t because I am looking for top-of-the-line audiophile quality sound. It is simply because, so far, all of my waterproof speakers have died after getting wet just a few times. So, here I go again with yet another “rugged waterproof wireless speaker” the BoomBottle H20.  My hopes are high as this soda can sized Bluetooth speaker is IPX7 rated. This means it should be able to stay immersed in 1-meter of water for at least 30-minutes, not that I plan on doing that. Read on for the full Scosche BoomBottle H20 Review.

Scosche BoomBottle H20 Boating

Scosche BoomBottle H20 Review

BoomBottle H20 Boating

Packaging and contents – Let’s start off where it always does, with the packaging. The box/packaging is pretty slick and does a great job letting you know what you are getting before even opening it. Once I ripped the packaging open things were simple enough. Inside you get the BoomBottle H20 wireless speaker, a carabiner, a manual, and an unusually nice micro-USB cable. The carabiner is a nice touch as this is a rugged outdoor speaker and should be able to ride along on any adventure. The micro-USB cable, usually an afterthought at best, is very thick and seems to be higher quality than most. Not sure how important that is as you just use it for charging up the batteries, but it caught my attention so I thought I would mention it.

BoomBottle H2O Floating

Design and layout– The BoomBottle H20 comes in a few color options (gray, yellow, and blue) and weighs just 10.6-ounces. Mine is blue as you can probably tell from the photos. The case is 2.83-inches in diameter and 4.5-inches tall. The finish is rubberized and it feels like it can take a beating (time will tell).

The bottom of the speaker has two passive subwoofer ports, the top has a metal grille that covers the speaker, and the side has an LED, charging/3.5mm aux jack (hidden under a flip-down door), and three buttons. The main button is used for on/off and multifunction control. You can use the middle button like the iPhone headphones, one tap for play/pause, two taps for next track, three taps for previous tracks, etc… The volume buttons are self explanatory and I am glad that they control just the volume. Several speakers tend to combine the track and volume buttons and it can get messy when trying to quickly adjust one or the other.

BoomBottle H20 Wet

About 100% of the sound comes out of the top grille and while this isn’t technically a feature, I like how quickly I can silence the speaker by placing it upside down on a flat surface or putting my hand over the top. Like a quick mute button when the need arises.

BoomBottle H20 Review

There is a cover on the side of the BoomBottle H20 that protects the micro-USB charge port and a 3.5mm auxiliary jack. It seems to seal the ports well, but I will have to make sure this door stays closed tightly or I think I just may kill another waterproof speaker. This port cover does have a rubber o-ring inside and makes a tupperware like sound when closing. Fingers crossed. So far I have only gotten the speaker wet twice. I will update in a few months after it spends more time in the water. Did I mention it floats? Very nice feature.

Scosche BoomBottle H20 Ports

Sound quality and performance – As I mentioned early on, this speaker isn’t going win any sound competitions or give my B&O BeoPlay A2 a run for the money. With that said, the sound quality is pretty darn good. Just a bit bright on the highs and a tad weak on the lows. With that said, that is perfect for how I use my speaker. I don’t necessary need or expect earth shattering bass from such a small speaker. The BoomBottle H2O uses a single 50mm driver with a passive bass radiator to make all the noise.

The battery life is rated at 8-11 hours (packaging says 8, website says 11) and has a wireless range (Bluetooth 4.0) of 33-feet.

BoomBottle H20 Bottom

Pros – Integrated and intuitive music controls with separate volume up/down. Solid and loud, great for sports. IPX7 waterproof rating, and it floats!

Cons - More treble than bass. (fyi the bass improves after a few hours of break-in) No microphone for conference calls if you are into that type of thing.

Conclusion – Great speaker for the shower, pool, or your next rafting trip. Sound quality is good and loud. IPX7 waterproof is nice and is still holding up to my abuse (will update in a few months).

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