Surplus Swiss Army Axes For Sale

Posted on Dec 1 2010 - 9:21am by gchoe

Swiss Army Surplus Axe

First things first, if you want a 30 to 50 year old Swiss Army Axe you better move fast.  These surplus axes only have 195pcs in each size.  The Surplus Swiss Army Axes are made of strong wood, have deep necks, and sharp blades, check them out here.

We think that, because of their size, they are designed for campsite and clearance work. The Chopping Axe (that’s what we are going to call it) has a 23″ handle and weighs almost 5 lbs. The neck is so deep (2-1/2″) near the head that it seems almost “reinforced”. This has to be deliberate. Its unusual weight gives it great momentum (power) when swung. It’s a serious tool. Nothing subtle about it at all.
The smaller Camping Axe has a 15-1/2″ handle and weighs 2-1/4 lbs. Its size makes it a perfect campfire/kindling tool – easy to handle one-handed and easy to carry when foraging.
The price that we have been able to put on these two beautiful tools makes them opportunities not to be missed. Despite their age, they are clean as a whistle – having been stored in perfect conditions. Again, there are only 195 available.

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