Save $1,420 On A Lenovo Dual Screen ThinkPad Laptop

Posted on Dec 7 2010 - 9:00am by Robby S.

Lenovo Dual Screen ThinkPad Laptop

One of Lenovo's coolest and most expensive laptops, the ThinkPad W701ds is finally getting a pricing haircut.  The dual-screen laptop starts off at a whopping $3,719, with price reduction of $420, and a large $1,000 coupon, tada you are at $2,299 for a beefy two screen laptop.  I feel like a TV infomercial, "and if you sign up now you get an additional upgrade to 4GB DDR3 memory & a 500GB 7200RPM Hard Drive"!  Not a bad deal if you need a dual LCD laptop.


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