Jewel Jet Steam Cleaner Review

Posted on Dec 13 2010 - 6:10pm by Russ

Jewel Jet

Cleaning jewelry is tougher than it looks.  I have tried several of the most popular jewelry cleaners, hot water, brushes, etc,  I could never get our jewelry, in this case my fiancés engagement ring, as clean as our jeweler could.  Every time we visited the jeweler they would offer to clean the ring, and it always sparkled like new after a "professional" cleaning.  What is the jewelers secret?  Read on for the secret to cleaning your jewelry at home.

As it turns out the secret is high pressure blasts of hot steam.  Apparently almost every jeweler has a steam machine hiding in the back and this is how they get your jewelry so clean.  Seems easy enough, but until I found the Jewel Jet no amount of cleaning solutions, brushes, or hot water would make the ring look truly amazing.  I was a bit skeptical, but the positive reviews convinced me that Jewel Jet was worth trying.  For under $100 you can keep your expensive jewelry looking bright and clean.

Jewel Jet Review

The Jewel Jet  looks like a retro 1950's car in color and design, very cool and quite the conversation piece.  Before steaming your jewelry it is best to soak it in a diluted solution of household ammonia and water or use the included fizzy tablets. 

The Jewel Jet comes with the steaming unit, a measuring cup, a cleaning solution jar, a cleaning solution basket, a funnel, a mesh basket, tweezers, a brush, fizzy tablets, and a users guide.

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The unit is very easy to use.  Simply open the fill cap and fill the jewelry steamer with up to 8 ounces of water.  Put the fill cap back on the unit, install the mesh basket (keeps you from dropping your ring), plug-in the power cord, wait about 3 minutes for the unit to warm up (the red light turns off when the unit is ready).

Once the Jewel Jet is heated up and ready,  hold your dirty jewelry under the steam nozzle using the included tweezers.  Press the steam release blast for awesome steam blasts.  Cleaning jewelry has never been this fun.  The Jewel Jet is the perfect gift for the man or woman in your life who has nice jewelry.

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  1. Brent December 14, 2010 at 6:53 pm -

    This is a really good steamer. Jewel Jet will always be a good brand, at least I hope they continue to keep making good products.

  2. Roberta December 29, 2010 at 2:11 pm -

    Hi, my name is Roberta I’m From Brazil
    I wonder how much the steam?
    and if you give in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil?

    Roberta Martins

  3. Dana January 1, 2018 at 12:39 pm -

    How can I purchase the fizzy tablets?

  4. Gadget King January 2, 2018 at 11:16 am -

    You can use these –

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