2nd Generation Jewel Jet

Posted on Jun 14 2011 - 1:37pm by Russ

2nd Generation Jewel Jet

It is always nice when an already great product gets even better.  We did a review of the original Jewel Jet professional jewelry steam cleaner last year and loved it.  The 2nd Generation Jewel Jet (pictured above) is and even better jewelry steam cleaner.  Don't take this to mean the original 1st generation Jewel Jet wasn't close to perfect, it still works great.  Think of it like the Apple iPhone which tends to improve an already great product with each new release.  Read on for our thoughts on the new Jewel Jet after the break.

Instead of doing a full review of the 2nd Generation Jewel Jet, we will point out some of the major differences that make this unit so great.


Original Jewel Jet           2nd Generation Jewel Jet

Original Jewel Jet          2nd Generation Jewel Jet

First off, the unit is totally redesigned and looks less like a 50's jukebox and more like something you would see in a doctors office.  The new black and silver design is very clean and professional looking.

On top of the unit is the water filling port, steam activation/wake from sleep button, and the status LED.  The status LED starts off blinking red and will turn blue when the unit is ready for use.  The water filler cap has a new safety feature which won't let you unscrew the cap until the unit has cooled off.  This will keep users from getting a blast of hot steam on their face or hands if they remove the water filler cap too soon.  If the unit sits idle for 10 minutes it will automatically shut off, to reactivate the unit simply press the steam button.  No more wondering if you left the unit on, smart.

The tweezers now have a rubberized grip to hold your jewelry and a locking function that will let you focus on cleaning your jewelry instead of operating the tweezers.  This is a major improvement over the original tweezers.  The handle of the of the jewelry basket folds down when not in use and nests perfectly in the water fill cup.

The steam comes out in what feels like a more powerful blast and quickly dissolves oil, lotions, dirt, bacteria, and germs off of whatever you put under the nozzle (the nozzle somehow remains cool even though the steam is hot).  The cleaning area, near the steam nozzle, is now lit by bright white LED's making much easier to see what you are doing.  Also a major improvement over the original JJ.

And, don't think you can only use the Jewel Jet on jewelry, you can use it on toothbrushes, combs, hair brushes, nail clippers, watch bands, etc,  Heck it might even keep you from getting sick since you will be killing coodies.

To summarize, the new Jewel Jet is amazing.  The many improvements make all the difference in the world.  Folks, if you don't already have a Jewel Jet you should pull out your credit card and head over to the JewelJet.com website.


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  1. Jewelry Jew June 15, 2011 at 12:56 pm -

    I have the older version of the Jewel Jet and it works fantastically. I don’t want my old one to stop working – but if and when it does I will buy the new one.

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