Withings Smart Baby Monitor Works With iPhone And More

Posted on Jan 5 2011 - 9:16am by Russ

Just about everyone I know with a baby has some sort of baby monitor so they can check in on their little one.  Baby monitors make sense, but aren't always that great.  Some have a short wireless range or grainy video quality.  The Withings Smart Baby Monitor is tackling those issues and a few others by allowing any connected device to view the baby monitor such as an iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, PC, Mac, tablet, eBook reader, LCDTV, etc,

This iPhone capable baby monitor features a high-resolution 3MP camera with a wide angle lens and night vision infrared LEDs.  You get the typical audio and video but also temperature and humidity from anywhere you are connected.

"The Smart Baby Monitor is also equipped with a microphone that allows parents to interact and sooth their child even when they are not physically in the room.  Another feature allows parents to control the music (lullabies) that plays in the room through the monitor and can change songs or play-lists right from the living room, the office or from anywhere in the world.  Alarms may also be set to alert parents of baby sleep disruption based on parameters such as activity/movement, audio levels and temperature/humidity. These alarms are completely customizable by the user.
Connectivity is made easy for users so the user never has to get anxious with configuring his product.  The Withings Smart Baby Monitor will adapt itself to the best network path, be it local with Bluetooth, WiFi or wire.
The design of the product is sleek, modern, simple and unobtrusive. The monitor's hinge design allows parent to open the camera to activate it or adapt it to the vision angle. People simply flip the camera shut to turn it off and stop camera monitoring. The camera is then protected for transportation."

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