iTwin Cable-Free Data Sharing Coolness

Posted on Jan 11 2011 - 11:15am by Gadget King

iTwin iTwin Green

I love cool tech toys that just work – plain and simple right out of the box with no BS.  Gadgets that are a no brainer to set up, especially if I am picking them as presents for the slightly less tech savvy folks that I end up doing tech support for… Setting up peer to peer file exchange networks has evolved over the decades, from techno-cabalistic voodoo that required the powers of a High Priest of CNE, to the point now, where any AOL user can do it. Tools like the iTwin made this empowering transition possible.  The iTwin is a bidirectional plug and play remote file access gadget or in its creators vernacular a cable-less cable.  It's a double-ended *giggidy* symmetrical USB gizmo that looks like two identical USB Flash Drives stuck together.  The packaging is slick and worthy of Apples approval, with an easy-to-read-short-and-sweet installation quick guide.

The iTwin enables flawless file sharing between two computers as long as they are connected to the Internet.  Everything needed to make this miracle possible is included in this USB gadget, no

additional software is necessary.  To get going, just stick the combined iTwin into the first computer, the iTwin software installs itself, asks for email address (to enable security shutdown feature in case you lose one of the keys) and opens a shared folder into which you can drag files, or folders that you want shared.  Then you disconnect half of the iTwin and plug it into the second computer, anywhere in imagethe world as long as its on the Internet, and the iTwin installs the software again, opening the folder from the first computer with all the files and folders available at your beck and call.  Opening music files, spreadsheets, photos and other typically small data files is a snap, running full movies takes longer, depending on your connection.  The iTwin is not a storage device, it simply allows remote bidirectional access to data.  The storage is the physical hard disk of the connected computers.  The iTwin creates a temporary directory where the requested files are stored, and that temporary directory is deleted as soon as the iTwin key is removed.  You can also switch folders and set up shares on both systems – again we are talking bidirectional data exchange.  For the security paranoid types like me, the transmitted data is AES-256 encrypted, and if you lose one of the iTwins you can disable the sharing by disconnecting the remaining iTwin, or by sending an email or SMS to the manufacturer.  Pretty freaking sweet and simple, no need to screw around with firewall settings, no need to upload your files into some Big Brother cloud – this is not Live Mesh or Dropbox, this is just for sharing data between individual computers via an encrypted connection.  iTwin is available direct for $99, and there are future options in the works such as the multiple client support. At the present time the iTwin ships in Lime Green and Gunmetal Gray, and only runs on Windows (XP, Vista or 7), but Mac OS X support is in the works.  GET SOME!

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