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Posted on Jan 20 2009 - 9:30am by Russ
Lock Picking cut away lock



If you have ever wanted to learn how to pick locks there are many tools (check your local laws regarding locksmith tools) that make picking a lock easy. But if you want to actually understand how a lock works… and how to pick it in the “old fashioned” way, read on.


There are many tools like lock picking guns, bump keys , etc… which make lock picking relatively easy for amateurs. The bad part about using shortcut methods, is that most users never really understand how the lock is being picked (or how a lock works for that matter).

However, I am writing this more for people who actually want to understand how a lock works, and in turn understand how to open one with very simple tools. Another thing that is nice about picking a lock with a tension wrench and a pick, is that it is very quiet.

First things first, buy Secrets of lock picking. It is the best book I have found that simplifies the process of picking a lock and is not painful to read to the end.

Then, get yourself a lock pick set. Most lock pick sets will work… and this is more of a preference thing. Buy what you like. You can get hidden sets like the credit card style, or full blown sets like this one here. The nice thing about the set from Lock Pickers Mall is that it comes with some practice locks, and more importantly a cut-away lock. The cut away lock allows you to see the pins and tumbler so you can truly understand what you are doing while learning to lock


With a bit of practice you will be picking locks in no time. When I first started it took me quite a while to pick a lock, now it takes me about 20 seconds or less to open a standard lock.

One bit of advice… the most important part is the amount of pressure you

put on the tension bar… practice makes perfect. Enjoy.

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