eYe2eYe Hummingbird Feeder Mask

Posted on Jan 13 2011 - 9:42am by Russ

eYe2eYe Hummingbird Feeder Mask

wearable hummingbird feeder

You simply can't make this stuff up, a wearable hummingbird feeder mask/helmet?  Yep for $79.95 you can look like a "special" super hero or Luchador.  The eYe2eYe wearable hummingbird feeder has a feeding tube right between the eyes for some seriously up close and personal hummingbird watching.  I can't tell from the pictures if the eye openings are protected or not, but I would hate for the hummingbird to try feeding off of my eyeball on accident.  I mean how smart can a hummingbird be with a brain so small?!


Video of the wearable hummingbird feeder after the break.

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