1955 Throwback Scooter, The JAWA Pioneer

Posted on Mar 11 2011 - 4:28am by Russ

Jawa Pioneer

The styling in the 50's was pretty cool, heck even the scooters were sexy back then.  The scooter pictured above is a throwback to an old Slovak scooter called the JAWA Pioneer.  As you can see in the picture below, they did a good job keeping the styling in tact with the new JAWA Pioneer.  Read on for details.

The old JAWA Pioneer 50 Scooters are hard to find, but you can get a new one here.

New JAWA Pioneer Scooter

Way back in 1928 a Slovak engineer with the name of Roth, who owned ammunition factories in Bratislava and Brno, founded a further ammunitions factory in the northern Slovak town of Povazska Bystrica under the name of Ceske Municne a Korodelne Zavody Brno, factory 2.

After the second World War in 1948 this factory got a new name.  A name that it has kept to this very day – “Povazske Strojarne”, from now on in this article just referred to as PS.(Povazska from the town and Strojarne – from machine building).  As weapon production after the war decreased, PS looked for alternative products to produce, and it chose to start manufacturing motorcycles.  As we know it has not been the only factory to go straight from arms production into motorcycle production; JAWA had previously done the very same thing and it was JAWA that PS went into co-operation with.

Out of this co-operation soon came an interesting bike. The Manet 90, a machine with a single cylinder engine employing a double piston on one con rod [Split-Single].  Soon after in 1955 small scooter called the Pioneer 50 with a 3 speed gearbox also came out, to be shortly followed by Pioneer 550, 555, JAWA 20 and 21 as well as the Mustang, all of them with 50cc engines. The Pioneer 555 was even manufactured under license in India and Egypt.

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