Boosted Rev Scooter

Posted on May 15 2019 - 5:17pm by Adam E

Boosted Rev Scooter 1

The team at Boosted Boards have added a new mode of transport to their fleet of electrified skateboards – an electric scooter. This new scooter is known as the Boosted Rev.

The Boosted Rev is built from the ground up in typical Boosted fashion. They won’t be the cheapest electric scooter on the market, but they will arguably be one of the best. Think Apple of the electric scooter and skateboard market.

The Boosted Rev has a 22-mile range, a top speed of 24 mph, the ability to climb 25% grades, 3 ride modes, regenerative brakes, and more. Get yours on order for $1,599 here.


Boosted Rev Scooter 2 Boosted Rev Scooter 3 Boosted Rev Scooter 4 Boosted Rev Scooter 6


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