CordCruncher Review

Posted on Jul 31 2012 - 7:08am by Craig


Just got my CordCruncher today and immediately put them through the paces.  The CordCruncher is so simple and different and yet manages to be super functional.  At first glance it looks like a balloon a clown would make animals out of at a kids birthday party.  Don't let the unusual design fool you… these might just be the best tangle free headphones around.

I plugged the CordCruncher headphones in to my iPod and I was pleasantly surprised that the quality of the ear buds was pretty good.  I grabbed both ends of the cord cruncher and gave it a pull.  The wires, almost magically, went right back in its sleeve.  Threw them in my bag and headed to the gym.  For once, when I went to grab my earbuds I didn’t have a tangled mess.  You all know what I’m talking about.  Pulled the earbuds out of its sleeve to the desired length that I wanted and started sweating to the oldies.  When I was done, the sound got better (break-in period I guess).  The bass was a little clearer then when I first tried them.  Overall I like almost everything about them.  No more tangled messes, quality ear buds, easy to store back into the sleeve and unique design.  Yours for about $25 here. CordCruncher

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