Organize Your Kitchen Drawers With DrawerDecor

Posted on Jun 23 2011 - 7:50am by Craig

DrawerDecor Custom Organizer

Everyone has a cluttered drawer or two that are full of things that we need.  Most drawer organizers don't work because they are preformed and don't fit my gadgets.  Having customized draw organizers made can get expensive and don't allow for changes and adjustments after the fact.

DrawerDecor has come up with a clever way of making quick custom drawer organizers.  The DrawerDecor system starts off with a "˜BaseMat' made of food-grade silicone that you trim to fit your drawer.  Then you add their "˜Divitz' dividers which you can place just about anywhere on the mat to make custom-sized holders for just about kitchen gadget you own.  The DrawerDecor system starts at $24.95 here.

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