SuperCollar Has A built-In Leash

Posted on Jul 7 2011 - 8:01am by drakaal

SuperCollar Built-In Leash

Not sure if this is a chocolate and peanut butter type moment, but I think it is a clever idea nonetheless.  The SuperCollar dog collar with built-in leash allows for a leash in a jiffy.  If you can deal with the fact that the leash is only three feet long, then you will never have to carry a leash again.

  • EACH high-tech coated steel cable has a break strength of over 100 pounds!
  • The retractors are waterproof and self-cleaning. Dirt and sand will not clog the retractors because of the patented debris flushing technology.
  • Multiple holes permit you to fine tune the fit for your dogs comfort and safety.
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