Dog Collar With LED Lights

Posted on Jun 21 2012 - 8:50am by Russ

LED Lit Dog Collar

This LED lit dog collar will help others (drivers) see both you and your dog while out for a late night walk.  Sure I could wear an LED lighting system on myself, but I know how to get out of the way of cars, and my dog isn't so good at it, so this gives him a better chance of surviving at night.

This LED lighting dog collar has three different light settings "“ steady, slow flashing, and quick flashing.  It is lightweight and has nylon webbing over the lighting strip for water resistance.  The LED lights are blue and are very bright, 1000-foot visibility shouldn't be a problem.  The collar is powered by two CR2025 batteries that will last about 100 hours.

Almost forgot to mention, it only costs $15.99 (less than some of the dog bones we buy).

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