Chinese Smugglers Use Zip Line To Transport iPads/iPhones Accross Border

Posted on Aug 8 2011 - 11:37am by Lisa C.

iPad Smugglers


Ahh, the crafty Chinese are at it again.  Their love of everything Apple has go them smuggling iPads from Shenzhen to Hong Kong to save money on taxes.

This little contraption consists of a canvas bag (full of iPads and iPhones) and a zip line that goes from a high-rise in Shenzen to a small house just across the Sha Tau Kok river in Hong Kong. 

The culprits were successful until the authorities spotted the bag flying through the air and confiscated $46,000 worth of Apple gear.

The zip line was set earlier via a slingshot.  Crafty, huh.



Video after the break.

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